Design & Development of eLearning

From concept to creation, my graphic design expertise crafts visually compelling narratives that resonate, elevating brands and captivating audiences.

I Provide Useful Services

Empower your learners with engaging eLearning experiences tailored to your unique needs. From interactive course design to multimedia integration, I specialize in creating impactful learning solutions. Let's collaborate to transform your content into dynamic eLearning modules that captivate and educate.

  • High-Quality Content Creation
  • Consistency and Timeliness
  • Targeted Audience Engagement
  • Tailored Course Development
  • Engaging Interactive Design
  • Multimedia Integration

My eLearning Development Process

Step One / Determine Your Needs
To begin, we'll schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements and objectives. This initial step will enable me to outline the project scope, gather essential learning materials, establish a development timeline, and clarify deliverables.
Step Two / Draft & Review a Storyboard
If you haven't yet developed a storyboard, I'll collaborate with you to craft one. Think of a storyboard as a blueprint for your course, allowing for revisions and adjustments before the development phase begins.
Step Three / Develop The Course
Once the storyboard is approved, I'll proceed to develop a prototype of the course, providing you with a preview of its appearance and functionality. Your feedback will be incorporated into any necessary revisions before finalizing the course development.
Step Four / Review & Edit The Course
Before finalizing your eLearning project, you'll have a final opportunity to review the course in its entirety and request any last-minute edits.
Step Five / Package & Deliver the Course Files
Lastly, I'll perform a thorough quality assurance check on the course to ensure it's polished and ready for use. Once everything meets your satisfaction, I'll package all course files and promptly deliver them to you.

My Work