Gilberts Healthy Habbits

Gilberts Healthy Habbits

360 Degree Interaction and Leaderboard Sample

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1. The Situation

At Gilbert’s, shoppers expect efficient checkouts, clean stores, and knowledgeable pharmacy techs. Given the nationwide downturn in brick-and-mortar retail sales, Gilbert’s marketing team has planned holiday promotions to attract customers to shop in-store or pick up their online prescription orders.

In preparation for extended holiday hours, all store locations have hired seasonal sales associates. High expectations for sales come with a staffing crunch. Hiring and retaining associates is more challenging than ever before, so having even one or two employees call out for a shift will strain customer service and daily operations.

2. The Challenge

Your expertise is needed to create an interactive eLearning course on practical preventative hygiene methods for new seasonal sales associates and pharmacy techs.

In 2022, Gilbert’s HR team tracked callouts from Black Friday through New Year’s Day. The majority of seasonal associate call-outs were due to illness, so HR aims to reduce call-outs in 2023 by 40%. Healthier associates will keep stores running smoothly to help the bottom line grow.

After completing your course, learners will be able to complete one or more of the following objectives:

  • Practice preventative hygiene methods to avoid contracting an illness.
  • Participate in active upkeep of frequently touched common areas in the store (card readers, cash registers, kiosks, etc.).

3. Development

This lesson was developed to be an annual compliance lesson for the fall and winter, during flu season. It's a reminder to help them stay healthy and keep the customers healthy. See this lesson's custom 360 degree landscape interaction activity in action!

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